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Kathy Hanrahan

Kathy Hanrahan - Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member

Kathy has been a finance, operations and general management executive for nearly 30 years. Notably, she served as Controller than CFO – where she took the company public in 2001 - and later President and COO of TASER International. As if that wasn’t accomplishment enough, Kathy was then tapped to be CEO and Co-Chairman of the TASER Foundation which was formed to support the families of officers killed in the line of duty. Since retiring from TASER, Kathy has been an advisor to entrepreneurs and leadership teams for private and public companies including Lifelock, Inc. (NYSE: LOCK), and Guardian 8 Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GRDH) where she has helped these growth companies with strategic financial strategy and planning, supply chain and logistics management, and overall organizational development and talent management designed to optimize company performance.

If we could have created our own Swiss army knife for finance, operations and internal expansion; we would have created Kathy. Good news is, she already exists so we didn’t have to do all that extra work. We make functional fashion accessories, not camping equipment :)

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