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Arni Thor

Arni Thor - Co-Founder and CTO

Co-Founder & CTO

Arni Thor likes to design and make stuff. Cool stuff. Stuff that solves problems and makes people feel better. He’s smart like that. He has worked in the medical device industry for 15+ years as a design engineer and director of R&D for one of the world’s leading non-invasive global orthopedic companies. Arni has specialized in getting products to market from concept to commercialization and is the leading inventor in his field of bracing and supports with over 100 patents to his name.

Arni’s dream in recent years has been to have his own business that develops innovative solutions that improve people’s lives. With his wife Shireen he has now finally made his dream come true through their company Maria Shireen. Never straying far from his roots in medical devices, Arni also keeps himself sharp by leading R&D efforts for Colorado-based Click Medical – a global prosthetic and orthopedic company.

Arni graduated from the University of Iceland with a B.Sc degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Outside of his work, his passion is to travel and spend time with his wife Shireen and his four kids, Rannveig (16), Ricky (12), Rebekka (8) and Tristan (1).

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