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Shireen Maria Thor

Shireen Maria Thor - Co-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and CEO

Shireen Thor has had a successful career spanning nearly 15 years as a medical device design engineer and product marketer and Big 3 business consultant solving incentive compensation problems for big brands. Now, she’s an entrepreneur. After running $25m plus product P&Ls and working with large companies like Accenture, Össur and CareFusion, Shireen wanted to do more, and have more independence in her professional endeavors. With the goal of tapping more into her creative side and merging that with her design and engineering ‘fix problems’ bias to help others; she decided to take a deep dive into co-founding and running a startup accessories company based on a gift her design engineer husband Arni gave her. Fast forward several years, Shireen combines a creative eye, detail orientation, wicked-smart numbers skills and a positive and thoughtful leadership style to what is becoming a major brand in functional fashion accessories for women.

Shireen grew up in Southern California where she was a competitive cheerleader and even made a cameo in the cheerleading blockbuster Bring It On. A diehard Wolverine, Shireen graduated the University of Michigan where she majored in Industrial and Operations Engineering with a Mathematics minor. Shireen makes her home in San Diego, California with husband Arni and their 2 year-old son, Tristan.

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