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Bring Ideas to Life: Invention vs Innovation

Bring Ideas to Life: Invention vs Innovation

Ideas are our creative intellectual property, and should be cultivated as such, but this isn’t always such an easy task.

When you have an idea, it typically falls into one of two categories: Invention or Innovation.  An invention is an original concept that has yet to be brought to market and innovation is an improvement on a current concept or product. At Maria Shireen we did both by taking two previous inventions, a hair tie and a bracelet, and combining them to create a completely new concept. The hair tie bracelet turned what was once simply fashion (the bracelet), and made it functional. This seemingly simple product launched an entire brand representing what happens when you practice invention, thus leveraging creative innovation.

Conception to execution can be months, or even years of work, so how can you streamline the process and ensure success?

Believe in Yourself

If you don’t, no one else will. For the majority of those who fail, it’s because they don’t have an unwavering belief in their idea in the face of adversity. Being accountable to hardships is a hallmark of a successful business.

Don’t Shy Away from Risk

The old adage, “High risk, high reward” is absolutely true, but be sure it’s a smart risk. The ability to assess and embrace risk correctly will allow you to grow your idea, and ultimately your business. Risk management is an imperative skill for all entrepreneurs.

Have Patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your business.  Rushing to the finish line and allowing anxiety to cloud your vision will prove detrimental to your execution. Enjoy the journey, appreciating the time it takes to launch your dreams and the lessons learned along the way.

Be Passionate and Purposeful

Having passion about your idea will bleed over into every area of your business, and inspire those around you to believe in your cause as well. When you combine passion with purpose, you will be unstoppable.

Be Committed to Constant Improvement

Ideas evolve just like product life cycles do.  Always stay open to improving your idea, development, marketing, distribution, and execution. Resist the urge to align yourself with the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

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